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Orange Grove Patras

Are you ready to join a vibrant community of young entrepreneurs? Do you want to start a business or grow your startup? Then join the Orange Grove community!


What is Orange Grove Patras?

Orange Grove Patras is a flexible workspace and incubator for young entrepreneurs aspiring to become a catalyst for the development and growth of the local startup ecosystem in the area of Western Greece.

At OG Patras young entrepreneurs will find assistance, cooperation, mentoring and inspiration to form innovative and successful startups, capitalizing on the unexploited opportunities of this area and beyond (human capital, geographic location, infrastructures).


What does Orange Grove offer?

Business Incubator

Orange Grove Patras members have access to a flexible open-plan office space that can easily be transformed into any required setting. Secured access offered 7 days per week from 9am until midnight.

Educational Program

Once you have been selected, Orange Grove Patras will offer you a wide selection of training opportunities including bootcamps, seminars and workshops to help you turn your idea into a viable business.

Mentoring Program

Orange Grove Patras offers an extensive mentoring program. A wide network of experienced entrepreneurs and other experts in their fields are here to advise you every step of the way.

Networking Events

You will have the chance to meet valuable contacts from our local, national and international network coming from all kinds of fields, who could be important for you when setting up your startup.

Thinking of starting
your own business?

Why Orange Grove Patras

Three years after the successful operation of Orange Grove Athens, the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Greece decided to create a second Orange Grove, the Orange Grove Patras. The initiative, run by Yiannis Kanellopoulos, Yiannis Kikidis, Yiannis Nikolopoulos and Alexandra Sarma, is supported by the Patras Science Park and aims to provide an alternative path, countering youth unemployment and encouraging brain mobility.


Why Patras

Patras was not chosen randomly. In the wider area around the city, you will find three major educational institutions with a huge student population, more than 1,200 young farmers and a promising technological ecosystem. Moreover, Patras’ strategic location favours many different business opportunities in multiple sectors apart from technology, such as agriculture, logistics and tourism.


Our vision

  • Activate young people & boost their entrepreneurial thinking
  • Build a business hub in the area of Western Greece and beyond Greece’s capital
  • Create bridges & spillover effects among universities, businesses and innovative thinkers
  • Use positive elements of cultures among students, returning students from abroad and local populations
  • Provide an alternative path, countering youth unemployment & brain drain

Join us!

Do you have an innovative idea? Do you need a flexible place to work and a supportive business network? In Orange Grove Patras we can help you transform your ideas into a sustainable business.

Once a call for ideas is announced, complete our application form and you will be one step closer to realising your business idea! In the meantime, you can get in touch with us, let us know a little bit about your idea and your intention to apply to Orange Grove Patras. We will offer you advice and support to best prepare you for the selection process!

For info and questions contact us at or +30 2610 911 530


Turn ideas into reality,

help startups grow bigger, better and faster,

while countering brain drain and

reducing youth unemployment.


When can one apply to join Orange Grove Patras?

Participation to OG follows an application and selection process. Applications can only be accepted during periods of Calls for Ideas but we are happy to discuss your intention to apply throughout the year. Periodical Calls of Ideas are announced on this website and our facebook page.

How can I prepare for the application process?

The application process can sometimes be a daunting process, as interested applicants will need to describe their business idea, provide information about their business model and complete a business canvas. If you are interested in applying to Orange Grove Patras, drop us a note at, we can discuss your idea and provide you support to best prepare for your application!

Who can apply to join OGP?

Anyone with a viable and innovative business idea, aged over 18 & a legal resident of the EU, who is geographically located reasonably close in order to participate in our regular training meetings and has enough available hours to commit into turning his, her or (even better) their idea into a business, with the support of OGP. Or, individuals who have recently set up their business (1-3 years) and seeking to take it to the next level. Both individuals or teams (of max 5 members) may apply for a spot in OGP. No relevant academic or professional background is needed in order to apply, though knowledge of your market will be needed if you want your idea to evolve.

Who is Orange Grove Patras looking for?

Do you have an innovative idea? Have you just graduated, are you ready to kick-start your business or are you want to take your business to the next level? Are you full of entrepreneurial spirit and committed to your dream? Then Orange Grove Patras is the place for you. In OGP you will meet like-minded young entrepreneurs with whom you can compare notes, share experiences and get inspired. You will receive support from inspiring professionals who will share their insights on networking, social media, niche markets and pitfalls you should avoid, among many other things.

What happens after I apply?

Once the application process closes, an independent selection board will review all applications. A number of applications will be invited to participate at our 3-day Bootcamp. This will allow you to better understand how OG operates and what our mutual expectations from this program should be, while receiving basic business skills from our trainers. After the bootcamp, you will be invited to an interview in order to present your idea or newly set up business to the members of the selection board.

And, if my/our application is accepted?

Then prepare for an amazing 6 months enjoying the support of OGP and its extended network! Our program includes training, workshops and 1:1s. Once your needs are determined, you are matched to a mentor from Orange Grove’s network who will support you during your time with us.

If I apply, am I legally bound to join the program?

No, there is no legal obligation. But, the members of our selection committee are offering us their very valuable time voluntarily and we wish to bring them applications by committed applicants! If you are selected, then, you will need to sign an agreement with OGP that you agree to participate to the training program and adhere to the terms of the house rules of OGP. The agreement is sent to you beforehand by email for you to review.

Is there a fee to join Orange Grove Patras?

OGP is currently going through its pilot period. Applicants accepted during the first rounds of applications get access to all OGP services free of charge for 6 months. Once the pilot period is over, applicants who enter the OGP program will need to pay a small contribution in order for us to cover everyday costs & activities, so that we can keep our own startup, OGP, viable and available for even more young entrepreneurs!

Does Orange Grove Patras have any claim over my idea or business?

Absolutely none. By joining our program you are not expected to share with OGP any gains or equity or intellectual property of your business or your idea. OGP aspires to become your catalyst to a sustainable and profitable business, this is our goal and we will try our best to help you manage it.